Cryptolandy is a self-developing game based on democracy works. 

Owners of Cryptolandy tokens, can vote to modify and improve the gameplay and management of the game. 

Crypto currency is the basis and purpose of the game.

The main difference of Cryptolandy from existing online games, will be the maximum realism of the game process, 

in addition to real payments to the winners of tournaments in the crypto currency, 

the game itself will be real. Players will be able to earn their skills, 

weapons and equipment in conditions close to the medieval reality.

Of the total number of investors who have purchased Cryptolandy tokens,

12 will be selected for the game board. 

Choice will be made based on the number of tokens from the investor and his desire

to participate in tactical management of the game.

Great changes in the game will be accepted by a common vote of all the holders of the Cryptolandy tokens. 

51% of owners Cryptolandy tokens will make decisions for game srategy.

Payments of profit on tokens will be monthly, from the revenue part of the game.

All profitability will be open to the owners of the tokens and will be transferred 

to accounts of investors in any convenient crypto currency. 

Tokens can always be sold on the exchange.

Now on Waves DEX Cryptolandy TokenID:   


waves wallet

A road map:

At the pre ICO stage, we plan to distribute
100,000 Cryptolandy tokens at a price of 0.3
Waves per token. 

These funds will be needed to produce a game trailer, 

to create a website and advertise the game.

At the second stage, ICO, we plan to sell 800,000 tokens at a price of 0,5 Waves. 

These funds will be used to create and advertise the game.

All the funds necessary for the further development of the game,
after ICO will be obtained from the tokens remaining after the ICO.

Their sale will be carried out at the market rate of Waves DEX stock exchange.